Roll To Roll Calendar For Sublimation Printing:

Mod. 902 may be fitted with cylinder widths of 2000 - 2600 - 3000 – 3600 - 4400 - 5200 mm. and it was designed so as to make the introduction and roll-up of both paper and fabric easier for the operator.

  • According to the various types of fabric to be printed, the temperature may be regulated from 50°C to 230°C by means of an electronic thermostat with a maximum margin of error of ±1°C.
  • Special motors for automatic/constant tension eliminate the need for the operator’s continuous regulation of the paper in exit (exhausted printing paper and protection paper).
  • Touch screen controls including multifunctional meter counter with alarm to signal preset yields.
  • Automatic felt-centering systems.
  • The incorporated safety system in case of a blackout.
  • The current production model includes weekly programmer for switching On/Off at preset working hours.