Sensient ink

Color you can trust.


ElvaJet® Opal SB

ElvaJet® Opal SB delivers consistent and intense color across a broad range of applications: from fashion and sportswear to signage and display.


All Epson printheads and most paper types.

ElvaJet® Opal SC

ElvaJet® Opal SC is a medium viscosity water-based sublimation ink which transforms the possibilities of digital inkjet printing by delivering consistent, vibrant color across a variety of substrates.

Elvajet® Opal SC ink can be used in applications from fashion and active-wear to signage and display.


Kyocera, Panasonic and Konica Minolta printheads

Elva Jet® Coral

Sensient’s digital water-based sublimation ink, and achieve unrivaled visual impact while reducing water, ink, and substrate usage by printing directly on the substrate.

Elva-jet® Coral removes the need for transfer paper or residual ink and offers brands an environmentally responsible color solution.