HP Latex Printers
 HP Latex Low Volume Series

 HP Latex 110 Printer:

 Achieve high-quality results on indoor and outdoor large-format prints, using an affordable printer with leading HP Latex Technology. Produce a variety of in-demand applications like vinyls, stickers, posters, and canvases on one printer.

 HP Latex 310 Printer:

 Expand into a versatile range of high-quality, durable indoor and outdoor applications with the affordable HP Latex 310 Printer. With a compact design ideal for smaller workspaces.

 HP Latex 330 Printer:

Gain versatility and enjoy convenient printing of indoor and outdoor jobs with the HP Latex 330 Printer. This affordable printer delivers print jobs fast, using healthier Latex water-based Inks and produces durable, scratch- resistance prints comparable to hard-solvent inks. 

 HP Latex 360 Printer:

  Exceed client expectations with production speeds ideal for handling urgent jobs. The HP Latex 360 Printer produces indoor and outdoor prints on a variety of traditional signage substrates—even textiles. And high-quality,    durable prints provide scratch resistance comparable to hard-solvent inks. 

  HP Latex 370 Printer:

  Expand your business, not your shop space. Help keep running costs low, thanks to 3-liter ink cartridges and unattended printing. The HP Latex 370 Printer offers higher margins, printing on traditional signage substrates and beyond—even     textiles.2] Avoid dry time for same-day delivery.


  HP Latex 560 Printer:

  Address production peaks in-house. Get vivid, consistent day-one image quality throughout the life of the printer. With quick loading and automatic maintenance, you can respond fast—and keep  costs low.

  HP Latex 570 Printer:

  Expand your capacity with a printer optimized for fleet management. Drive high productivity with fast print speeds, along with workflow and cost efficiencies.

 HP Latex 1500 Printer:

Stay competitive with high-quality latex printing at professional speeds and widths up to 3.2 m (126 in). Water-based HP Latex Ink offers stunning results on a wide range of applications.

HP Latex 3100 Printer: 

 Address a diverse range of campaign and production needs and deliver on short turnaround times without sacrificing quality. Manage your costs more effectively and enable greater  productivity.  

HP Latex 3500 Printer: 

 Drive production efficiencies for increased production capacity and reduced costs. High image quality at speed.1 Highly unattended printing ideal for overnight printing.