Seal 65 EL

The SEAL 65 EL is a high quality, affordably priced wide format cold roll laminator designed for new users to confidently create professionally finished graphics. Built for ease of use, it is ideal for mounting and laminating pressure sensitive graphics up to 1650 mm wide. Its durable uniframe construction requires no assembly and minimal maintenance. 


Seal 54 EL

With its 1400mm working width, the SEAL 54 EL laminator represents an entry level package at an affordable price. It is designed for the sign and display market and offers the user the trademark SEAL flexibility.

Seal 62 Base

The SEAL 62 Base laminator represents SEAL's latest offering to the rapidly moving sign and display market. Ideal for mounting and laminating pressure sensitive solutions up to 1600 mm, this machine represents a flexible package at an affordable price, yet without compromising its functionality.


Seal 62 Pro S

With full independent control over pressure and speed, the SEAL 62 Pro S is ideal for both new and experienced image finishers who require a highly capable laminator but have no need for hot encapsulation. The 62 Pro S is based on the widely acclaimed 62 Pro Dand feature the same high pressure nip system. This delivers superb results whatever the application required.


Seal 62 Pro D

The SEAL 62 Pro D is the next generation professional laminator. With fully adjustable temperature, speed and pressure settings, this laminator is ideal for the more experienced user who requires a highly versatile laminator.


Seal 80 Pro D

The SEAL 80 Pro D is a 2 metre wide mounter, laminator and encapsulator ideal for the more experienced finisher requiring a highly versatile laminator. Capable of running a wide range of media, this laminator can generate high process speeds. The SEAL 80 Pro D features some new design elements such as: a control panel on a swinging arm, a new feed table, a flip down image guide and outfeed slitters.


Seal 65 Pro MD

The SEAL 65 Pro MD is a fully featured, high performance laminator for a high performance environment. This dual heated, bi-directional, pneumatically operated machine will mount, laminate and encapsulate a wide range of materials and substrates up to 1650 mm wide and 50 mm thick and is particularly suited to the extensive range of SEAL consumables.