Teckwin TS-300

The Teckwin TS-300 is a fast reliable, versatile large format UV flatbed printer engineered for high quality continuous production of rigid and flexible graphics for the widest variety of applications imaginable. The upgradeable TS-300 platform features a stationary  vacuum table flatbed with a moving gantry encapsulating the scanning printhead array for exceptionally accurate and repeatable registration and imaging performance.


Teckwin TS-600

Engineered for reliable and continuous production, the Teckwin TS-600’s unique design enables printing of substrates up to 5.9” thick. Powerful dual vacuum motors on an 8-zone bed with an extensive pin register system help maintain perfect registration and image fidelity. Dual UV systems with shutters provide leading and trailing exposure for superior ink and substrate control. An optional fully featured 54” roll-to-roll system for flexible media is also available on the TS-600. 


      Teckwin TS-3200

The Teckwin TeckPro UV3200 offers the speed, productivity and low production costs of a super wide format industrial printer with the image quality and color gamut typically associated with much slower, high cost alternatives. Built for high volume continuous and reliable production, the TeckPro UV3200 features high fidelity 800 dpi output on one or two rolls running one or two files at a time in any combination up to an oversized print width of 130 inches





PQ300 flatbed UV printer

Print head voltage independently adjustable,which could precisely control every ink dots to have a best printing performance. High efficient smart print to improve efficiency.

 Multiple white printing modeļ¼što print white in bottom, on top and spot color. Multiple color combination and varnish printing with maximum 8 colors.

Applicable rigid material thickness up to 10 cm.